This section brings in outside comments, blog posts, articles and other media to give some background giving an impression of what this firm stands for.  These items are posted because they may be helpful to our clients and the sustainable business community in general.  If you find anything useful, let us know.  We’d love to hear from you!

2905, 2017

BPA Is Fine, If You Ignore Most Studies About It

“There's too much data consistent across studies…time and time again…to ignore it and suggest BPA has no effect on humans,” says Gail Prins, a physiologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago. One 2006 analysis

702, 2017

My First TED Talk… Still Amazing

Hans Rosling shared statistical insights through a presentation style that brought it all to life!  He died yesterday.  Back in 2006, I watched this TED talk – the first I watched.  It was riveting and

2106, 2015

Warning: drinking bottled water could make you fat!

Recent research suggests that BPA, a chemical found in plastic water bottles, triggers the formation of fat cells and causes obesity in mice. Source: Warning: drinking bottled water could make you fat!

1805, 2015

The Arithmetic of Deals

Let’s start with a few basics about how corporations work from a structure perspective, and the mechanics of investments. [Note: the same concepts apply to LLCs, but the vocabulary is different.] When you form your

1605, 2015

Deal Structure – Purchase Option Buyback

By Frank Demmler Last week’s column may have hit a responsive chord.  I got a record number of e-mails by orders of magnitude (3 as compared to the usual 1). Nonetheless, raising money without giving up

1605, 2015

Why Investors don’t want to Invest in your Deal

By Frank Demmler Note:  I’ve known and worked with Steve Czetli for 20 years. I am an admirer of TechyVent as an important and respected communications vehicle to the entrepreneurial/high technology/funding communities.  In a recent

311, 2014

THE SKY IS PINK by Josh Fox and the GASLAND Team

An emergency short film from Josh Fox, the Oscar-nominated director of GASLAND addressing the urgent crisis of drilling and fracking in New York state. Go to for more info and to get involved. PINK LINKS: Selected