An inflection point is when an idea, a company, a project, or a team goes from a state of “everything is going along ok” to “Whoa! I can’t believe how easy this is!  GreenSource Consultants wants to create that experience for every client.  GreenSource provides services that will move your company and our economy into a state of sustained prosperity.

All hyperbole aside, underlying all of this is a determination to help you do something impressively positive and inspiring. GreenSource offers a variety of services across an array of business specialties serving entrepreneurs and companies aligned with this idea.

GreenSource provides professional, quality services and places a high value on keeping commitments. This is a large part of delivering (and experiencing) extraordinary results.

Great results through…


We get your vision.  Understanding the complete picture and purpose of your project is key to your success and ours.


Careful and thorough planning & regular reviews of the plan, KPIs, execution effectiveness and efficiency are essential.


We can then determine whether all the resources are there to execute the project.  We can provide the key resources to that make everything happen.


Once everyone is on the same page, we execute.  We can facilitate all or any part of your process.  Completion is the key.


To advance sustainability, our customers must meet their challenges and get what they want.  We make sure that happens.

We’re here to help you and your business create the sustainable world you want to live in…

Let’s Get Started!